Meet the Team


Bureau Members of Cancer Support France, Dordogne Est & Lot

President : Heather Moorhead

We re-located to France in 2006 and have only once in that time braved a visit back to UK. Have kept busy creating a garden while blending in with local life. Daily walks have been a priority now for almost seven years since acquiring two black labrador retriever puppy sisters. 


Vice-President : Jo Treanor

We moved to France in early 2008 when my husband retired.  Like most expats we bought a property that needed a “little” renovating and of course still at it!  Our three legged rescue cat rules us with a paw of iron and we try to return to London on a regular basis to visit the world’s most beautiful grand-baby.

Vice-President : Anna Karsay Shackleford

I moved to France with my husband in 2006 and our family here consists of 2 large donkeys, a hyper-active rescue Border Collie and a cat retrieved from a bag in the local “poubelle”.  Am also a committee member of a local international association, and group leader for a weekly dance exercise class, one of the many activities we organise. Also help out with 2 annual book sales, the proceeds of which support a dog adoption organisation and a donation to CSF.

Treasurer : Nic Marsden

We retired to France in 2014, and have been renovating our home ever since, and we are not finished yet! We have established a very productive fruit garden, but vegetables have not proven so easy. As a former Chartered Accountant, I wanted to help CSF Delot as Treasurer.

Vice-Treasurer : Janet Whyte

I moved to this part of France in 2010.  I was initially on my own but in 2012 was adopted by a wonderful cat who is now my constant companion!  A French speaker, I am actively involved in village life and somehow seem to end up on the committee of every association I join!  A previous life in the world of banking made me an obvious candidate for Vice-Treasurer with CSF Delot but I also appear to have developed a talent as an event and fundraising organiser.

Secretary : Cathy Ratcliffe

National President : Pat Lockett

In 2006 a little stone “fermette” became our holiday home until after two years my husband and I realised this was where we wanted to spend our third age and so we moved permanently in 2008. Two rescue cats share (and rule) our home. Our lives are busy with renovations and gardening plus working with mates to raise funds for local charities including CSF of course.

Active Listener / Client Co-ordinator & La Ligue Contre le Cancer liaison : Philippe Mika

I returned home to France in 2006 after having lived and worked in South Africa. Having had to negotiate the French administrative system for myself, I soon found myself being called upon to assist others with a multitude of bureaucratic problems. Various English speaking people want help in registering with the health system, tax for first timers etc. You name it; I’ve probably done it . . .