Welcome to CSF Dordogne Est et Lot

Cancer Support France, Dordogne Est and Lot

was formed in August 2007, to provide support to English speaking people who are affected by cancer. This can be the person directly affected, or their spouse, partner, family or friends. 

Our trained Active Listeners, provide support as required by the client and assessed by our team. This can be by telephone, personal home visits, accompanying hospital appointments, translation and interpreting services. This is free confidential support by men and women, with a sympathetic ear and approach to those affected by cancer. We help find answers to the questions that frequently go unasked during challenging medical appointments. 

We also have a good knowledge and experience of the health system in France, which can be daunting for those who may not have needed it, prior to being diagnosed with cancer.


Where do we provide our support?

We cover from Sarlat in Eastern Dordogne to Figeac in the far west of the Lot, and in the north from Brive down to Lalbenque, south of Cahors. Although we say cancer has no boundaries - where ever you live - we are here to help and support you. 

We shall be celebrating our tenth anniversary in 2017. During the past ten years and to date, we have helped over 128 people. Here are a few words from those who were facing the biggest challenge of their lives. We helped and supported them to deal with the challenge of cancer.....we can help you too !




“”I approached CSF some years ago when my husband's cancer returned. It was a great comfort to me to know that English speaking help was at the end of a telephone. I was assigned an active listener who was always there to support, helping with translations, information and accompanying me to hospital appointments when necessary. We became good friends and although my husband passed away at the beginning of 2016 our friendship has continued. I cannot thank CSF enough and think the work they are doing is to be commended, helping people during what is a very difficult and distressing time. DM “”


“”In those dark days I will never forget the hand and lifeline that my Active Listener held out to me. Her compassion, kindness and practicality supported me through the saddest time in my life. Thank you””


.... and Reflections


""Big Boys Don't Cry - Or Do They?  I am a 72 year old man, had a good hard working life, played contact sports and kept myself fit.  At the age of 67 I was told I had prostate cancer and after the operation I found I was unable to perform simple tasks to the standard I had always set for myself.  I read about CSF  and decided I needed someone to talk to, someone who would understand how I felt inside.   It took 3 phone calls before I was able to talk about how I felt.  Even writing this brings back painful memories.  I found someone I could talk to, who was very understanding of my fears and feelings - being a man it took a lot of convincing to be able to discuss my problem with anyone.  Thank you CSF for the help you gave me and my wife - I will always be grateful to the members who helped me.   GS"" 




If you need support, don’t hesitate today, contact us immediately.

Your contact will be treated in complete confidence.